Moving business to the cloud

Moving your business to the cloud may bring up many questions. For example, is it secure? How do I access it? Can I even print? Does it impact my customers? All of these questions are very valid questions when deciding the ultimate decision.

In the past, the technologies that made up the Internet with regards to network performance were poor and unreliable. Therefore, it wasn’t a viable platform at the time to migrate to the cloud. Today, these technologies have dramatically changed that performance and reliability to the cloud impacting even other technologies that now can also be used such as VoIP.

That said, is your office still running old software running on legacy servers? Are you still dealing with electrical outages or simply running out of disk space and need to call the IT guy to come and visit? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, a large percentage of businesses are still running older platform on site just as physician offices running old EMR\EHR software.

Understandably so, these businesses and medical offices do not have internal technology staff to be able to suggest next steps. They are not large organizations and are unable to afford that level of staffing. At the same time.