Transformation and Migration

Many organizations offer cloud migration and management services.  JNS offers a vendor-agnostic approach, which is key to helping us ensure a tailored cloud migration experience for our clients. A Journey to Cloud with JNS is a swift, secure and smooth transition. Exclusive, automated management and migration tools translate to a smooth migration process. After “go-live” these tools deliver precise cost controls, governance and accountability in cloud consumption. Our DevOps approach helps your IT team adapt to the cloud environment to ensure your business maximizes its return on investment and continues achieving your goals as the business evolves.


Cloud migration designed for outcomes

JNS starts a cloud migration by looking at your most urgent business requirements. Then, using our industry insight and experience, we help you chart a course for an individually tailored cloud journey to achieve those goals. We lay out an actionable strategy to craft a results-driven cloud migration.

Results driven data migration

We do the heavy lifting through the most complicated part of the journey, data migration. Highly trained staff will quickly and securely migrate your applications to the cloud using automated tools so you do not have to worry about the complexity of migrating or building new applications. Many of the times we take your existing applications and port them to the cloud as they are without involving your application support vendor.

Scale and flexibility

Business requirements are constantly changing; the notion of a steady state is becoming outmoded. JNS has the scale and flexibility to address your peak demands while offering pay as you go pricing that doesn’t “break the bank.” JNS has the capabilities to support you so you can quickly adapt to market conditions.

Transformation to a digital enterprise

JNS begins the journey to cloud by focusing on applications and required business outcomes. As an official partner and integrator for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google—and being a top-tier integrator with the leading cloud software vendors—JNS has the relationships, experience and deep bench of experts get your business on the cloud faster.


Getting there faster means being able to let go of yesterday’s operating models and embrace the new faster. Instead of reducing cost to serve, your organization can focus on increasing competitive capabilities using tools like mass personalization, total connectivity and availability of instant, accurate and actionable insight. Your resources become liquid – available to the degree necessary. Innovation is constant, and security is across the ecosystem.