Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services in Miami

Our migration IT services team will review your business model since not all businesses will benefit from the cloud necessarily. Our goal is to not only reduce your cost but to also increase the performance and accessibility and scalability of the applications you business uses today. This is without being concerned over hardware failure as if it is your own infrastructure. Because, with cloud there is no longer the worry of hardware or drive failure, motherboard failure, or even power for that matter. The cloud runs those resources for you so you can focus on your business.

We have migrated from on-premise medical EMR platforms to large e-commerce sites once running on dedicated hardware to RDP servers used in house by medical offices. Our approach is understanding your business first which in turn helps us make the determinations on how to address migrations to the cloud. To learn more click here

Few Reasons to Migrate to The Cloud

  1.  Scalability:      Scale your compute resources from big servers to small ones automatically. Reduce your overhead costs.
  2.  Cost:               Depending on the size of your environment or infrastructure you may experience reduction in operating costs; but only if done right.
  3.  Agility:            Because everything is virtual applications can be tested with numerous platforms with a couple key strokes.
  4. Geolocation:    Based out of Miami, Florida? Need resources on the west coast or even in another country? Launch servers anywhere.