How to Disable Bing Search
in the Windows 10 Start Menu



Here is how to Disable Bing Search in the Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10’s Start Menu has a built-in Bing Search that allows you to search for information when a local search is unsuccessful. This article will show you how to disable Bing Search in the Start Menu.

Windows 10 Start Menu searches for settings, files, and programs when you do a search. It then displays any results that it finds.

Windows will perform a Bing Search for the search keyword if there aren’t any local results and display the results in the Start Menu.

Blank search results in Start Menu
Blank search results in Start Menu

These searches will be saved to your Microsoft Account when you log in. This privacy concern is because Microsoft may use this data to track your browsing habits.

In the past, bugs in Bing search engine have led to the Windows 10 Start Menu appearing completely blank. You can disable the Bing search function to prevent future bugs.

We have provided two methods to disable Bing search from the Windows 10 Start menu.

Disable Bing search from the Windows 10 Start Menu

Microsoft doesn’t provide an easy way to disable Bing search from the Start Menu.

Windows users will need to change the Registry to use the following Registry values.


We have instructions for setting the correct values in the Registry Editor.

If you aren’t comfortable with Registry modification, there is method two. This includes a pre-made registry file that will do the setting for you.

Process 1: Use the Group Policy Editor to disable Bing search results

Windows 10 Pro includes the Group Policy Editor, which can be used to disable Bing search from the Start Menu.

These steps will enable you to disable Bing Search:

  1. You can search the Start Menu for gpedit.msc and click on it to display the results.
  2. When the Group Policy Editor opens, navigate to the following path: User ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsFile Explorer
  1. Below, you’ll see a policy titled ‘Turn off the display of recent search results in the File Explorer searchbox’. To open the policy, double-click it.Group PolicyThis policy can be used to disable Bing search
  2. This policy can be used to disable Bing search.
  3. Editor
  4. To save the policy, click on the App button and then the OK button.
  5. Now you can close the Group Policy Editor, restart Windows Explorer, or restart your computer.

After restarting, Bing search results will not appear in the Start Menu.

Process 2: To disable Bing integration, use the Registry Editor


If you’re using Windows 10 Home, and you feel comfortable using Windows Registry, you can disable Bing integration in Windows Search by using the Registry editor.

  1. To open the Windows Registry Editor, press the Windows key and the R key simultaneously. The Run dialog will open. Type regedit and press the OK button.
Starting Registry Editor
Starting Registry Editor

3.Windows will prompt you to confirm that the Registry Editor is allowed to modify the system. To continue, press the Yes key

4.Navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWARE/Policies/MicrosoftWindows/Explorer key. If you do not have the key, create the folders needed until you reach the Explorer key.

5.Right-click Explorer and select New, followed by DWORD (32 bit) Value,.

  1. New DWORD value
    New DWORD value
  2. The prompt will ask you to enter the name for the new value. Type DisableSearchBoxSuggestions and press Enter on the keyboard. The new value should be set to 0. Double-click BingSearchEnabled to set the value to 1. Then, press the OKbutton.
  3. When done, you should have the Bing Search Enabled value created and set to 1.DisableSearchBoxSuggestions value enabled

4. Now you can close the Registry Editor, restart Windows Explorer, or restart your computer.

Bing search won’t work in Windows 10 Start Menu unless it is restarted.

Bing Search disabled
Bing Search disabled

Allow Bing integration to be enabled again

To enable Bing integration again, simply disable the group policy or edit the Registry and delete the DisableSearchBoxSuggestions value under the HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindowsExplorer Registry key.

Restart Explorer or your computer. Bing integration will then work again.
Updated 10/5/20 – Added updated instructions for disabling Bing search.

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