Accelerate how you communicate with customers
using a cloud phone system solution.



While we also partner with a multitude of VoIP service providers across the nation, we also provide local VoIP dial-tone in South Florida specifically for our ManagedIT customers. But you might ask “So whats the difference between signing up with another national company or any of the well known providers? It is pretty simple, all of these providers do not necessarily have presence in Miami, meaning the phone lines or equipment used to process your calls could potentially be out of state.

So not sure what this means? Well lets start with a quick analogy, lets say that you wish to communicate with someone in another city using the can and string technique. So given the string would be VERY long crossing all kinds of intersections there probably is a good chance it may be cut or damaged. This goes the same for fiber optics. How long does that string need to be?

With JNS since our presence is local to Miami and so that string would not cross into another state just to get your initial dial-tone. Hence the likelihood of a fiber cut would be less likely than a provider having its equipment of platform in another state.

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