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In the cloud computing era, it’s clear: managed services providers hold a critically important position.
Many firms jumped on the cloud computing bandwagon on their own and came to the painful realization they need a little help. It usually came after the first month’s bill arrived, when they

 found out just how much compute, storage and bandwidth costs really are.

A recent study found that half of all companies that moved to the cloud wanted to do it over again and do it differently. One of the takeaways is that companies are making the move in almost complete ignorance of what they are getting into. They are truly ignorant of what the cloud entails.

This is where a managed services provider comes in. If you are thinking strategically, not just about cutting costs but about fully embracing and maximizing the cloud to your company’s benefit, you need the outside expertise of a managed services provider (MSP).

A good MSP will provide strategic guidance to help navigate the tricky menu of services so you don’t get a surprise when the bill comes due, tell you what can, can’t, should and shouldn’t go into the cloud, and help you continue to expand your services after the initial adoption.