How to Install and Uninstall
Google Chrome in Windows10

Google Chrome is the most used browser on Windows at the moment. It offers great performance, excellent compatibility to web sites and an enormous number of extensions that can be used for enhanced functionality.

You can follow these steps if you’re using another browser and wish to Install or Uninstall Google Chrome to be installed.

How to install Chrome in Windows

These steps will help you install Google Chrome on Windows.

      1. To download Google Chrome, go to page and click on ‘Download Chrome‘.
      2. The Google Chrome Terms and Conditions will be displayed. To download Google Chrome, click on the button ” Accept and Install“.
Download Google Chrome Installer
Download Google Chrome Installer



The ChromeSetup.exe file will now be downloaded. When finished, click on it as indicated by the red arrow in the image below to start the installation program.



Launch Chrome Installer



Windows will prompt you to allow ChromeSetup.exe to modify your device. To continue, click on the Yes link.



UAC Prompt



Google Chrome will now begin to install it’s software on your computer.


Installing Google Chrome



After the process is complete, Google Chrome will open automatically. A icon for Google Chrome can be found on your desktop. This icon can then be used to launch the program.

Chrome Icon


Once Google Chrome has been installed on Windows, you have two options: launch it directly from the icon at the desktop or search the Start menu for Chrome to launch it.

How to uninstall Chrome in Windows

These steps will allow you to uninstall Google Chrome browser on Windows.

      1. Click on the Start link and then type uninstall. Click on the Add/Remove programs button.
Open Apps & Features settings screen
Open Apps & Features settings screen



Now, the Apps & features settings screen will be displayed. Search for Chrome in Apps & Features. See the image below.



Search for Chrome
Search for Chrome



Click on the Uninstall link when Google Chrome appears as shown below.


Uninstall Google Chrome
Uninstall Google Chrome




Windows will ask you once again when you click Uninstall to confirm that you want to uninstall Google Chrome. Click on the Uninstall link at this prompt.



Confirm you wish to uninstall Google Chrome
Confirm you wish to uninstall Google Chrome




Windows will now prompt you to allow this app to make modifications to your device. To continue, click the Yes icon at this prompt.

      1. Google Chrome will ask you if you’re sure you want to uninstall Google Chrome.You can click the Uninstallbutton at this prompt. However, I wouldn’t check the “Also delete browsing data” option. Your bookmarks and settings may still be intact in the event that you decide to reinstall your browser.
        Google Chrome uninstall prompt
        Google Chrome uninstall prompt



    2. After you have finished uninstalling the browser, a survey will appear asking why. This screen can be closed.

You can now close the Apps & Features settings screen.

Google Chrome will now be uninstalled from Windows.


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